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“They provide self-paced, virtual courses focusing on Zoom, using an iPhone, navigating a Macbook and even a fun based cooking class via Zoom.” Students may come to the Livermore Falls center and connect there so they don’t feel the stress of trying to navigate new platforms alone at home, she added. The culinary program received an anonymous donation which will allow investment in new cooking equipment, Raymond said. Adult education is actively recruiting for the November cohort that starts the Monday after Thanksgiving, she noted. Adult education is still collecting data from the childcare-needs assessment which will determine how the partnership with Western Maine Community Action’s Whole Families program will proceed, Raymond said. “(WMCA) is committed to expanding access to childcare in greater Franklin County and hope to build a pilot site here in adult education,” she noted. At the next board meeting Raymond hopes to share a planning yes overview and present the needs assessment data.



Instead, it has focused on efforts to promote good information and relies on third-party fact checkers to label false claims. On Monday, the company's VP of Global Affairs, Nick Clegg, announced in a blog post additional steps Facebook is taking to address climate change, including expanding informational labels on some posts about climate change to more than a dozen countries. But the company's own research has hinted at limitations with some of its strategy, including highlighting user trust and awareness issues with its Climate Science Center , a dedicated hub for climate change information that launched last year, the documents show. Some employees have also expressed concern that Facebook's current efforts aren't sufficient, documents show. In a comment on another internal post from earlier this year about the company's efforts to combat climate change — including by enabling people to raise funds to fight climate change on Instagram and Facebook — one employee said: "This is great work. Can we take it a step farther and start classifying and removing climate misinformation and hoaxes from our platforms?" Meta has repeatedly said the "Facebook Papers" paint a skewed picture of the company and its efforts. The company said the internal documents underscore "the reasons why we've launched our Climate Science Center and has informed our approach to connecting people with authoritative information about climate change from the world's leading climate change organizations." "As a result, more than 100,000 people are visiting the Climate Science Center every day and we're continuing to update it with new features and more actionable resources so people know how they can make a difference," Meta spokesperson Kevin McAlister said in a statement to CNN Business. He added that on Facebook Search and Watch, the company has removed climate denial suggestions and now directs users to the Climate Science Center and other authoritative information sources, and that misinformation makes up only a small percentage of all climate-related content on the company's platforms. Experts, however, say the stakes could not be higher for Facebook to further ramp up its solutions for this problem — and soon.


WSSC Water also has the lowest fixed fees of all four utilities (see p. 21). Another good comparison is looking at the number of employees we have (1,695) compared to the miles of water and sewer pipe we maintain (11,454 miles). DC Water has 1,109 employees but only 3,100 miles of pipe (see pages 1 to 5). This means we have approximately 148 employees per 1,000 miles of pipe, while DC Water has about 358 employees per 1,000 miles of pipe. What we can agree with Brenne on is the fact that we face serious financial challenges due to COVID-19, which is exactly why we are seeking a 9 percent rate increase. One in five WSSC Water customers is past due on their bills because of this global health and financial crisis. That equates to more than 90,000 past due accounts totaling nearly $70 million in potential revenue (see p. 24).


“We have a lot of competition coming from Big Pharma. They don’t want to see us succeed,” Terblanche said. “They are already starting to say that we don’t have the capability to do this. We are going to show them.” If the team in South Africa succeeds in making a version of Moderna’s vaccine, the information will be publicly released for use by others, Terblanche said. Such sharing is closer to an approach U.S. President Joe Biden championed in the spring and the pharmaceutical industry strongly opposes. Commercial production is the point at which intellectual property could become an issue. Moderna has said it would not pursue legal action against a company for infringing on its vaccine rights, but neither has it offered to help companies that have volunteered to make its mRNA shot. Chairman Noubar Afeyan said Moderna determined it would be better to expand production itself than to share technology and plans to deliver billions of additional doses next year. “Within the next six to nine months, the visit these guys most reliable way to make high-quality vaccines and in an efficient way is going to be if we make them,” Afeyan said.